CCRA U.S. History Content Assessment Data

Notice Attention Needed
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May 24, 2019
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Required: DTC Assessment, Administration, and Technology Training
December 9, 2019
OSDE DTC Correspondence Students with Laptops

The data from the CCRA U.S. History Content Assessment is now available in your district folder on the FTP site. Due to this assessment being a field test, this is the only data you will be receiving. The link to the FTP site is below. If you cannot locate your username or password please contact the service desk.

The ranking file you are receiving provides a percentile and ranking for your district, and the schools within your district, to show the comparison to schools and districts across the state. There is information in that file at the overall U.S. History reporting level, which is then separated out into the U.S. History and Civics domains as well. It is important to note that if there were fewer than 10 students that tested in a school or a district, that school or district was not included in the ranking and those fields will appear blank in the file.

Here is some information in how to interpret the file you receive.

Table LabelDefinition
RepLevelReporting Level – This will indication if the information is for a school or a district.
CodeThis is the district or school code.
RepOrderReporting Order - This indicates the test level for which the information is being provided.
0 = Total CCRA US History Assessment Test Score
1 = US History only
2 = Civics only
PercentilePercentile is an indication of how the school or district did relative to its cohorts. For example, the 13th percentile means that the school or district had a better average score than 13% of the other schools or districts.
RankingRanking is the numerical order in which the score is ranked relative to its cohorts. This would mean that the school or district with a ranking of 1 would have the highest average score. A ranking of 132 would indicate that the school or district has a lower average score than 131 other schools.

If you have any trouble accessing the files please contact the service desk.

If you would like to talk about how this information can be used please reach out to the SDE.