Important Preliminary Reporting Information

DTC Correspondence Desktop Mail
Reporting Training
May 10, 2019
Notice Attention Needed
Report information
May 24, 2019
OSDE DTC Correspondence Docs

OSTP Reporting Portal Training

The recording from this week’s OSTP reporting training has been posted to the Training Presentations tab on the Help and Support Site.

Parent Portal Supporting Information

Preliminary reports will be released to the OSTP Portal and to the Parent Portal on May 23, 2019. This will be the first time that families have access to preliminary reporting. As they review the information, they may have questions about what they are, or are not seeing in the results of their students. Families with questions will come to schools for information. A document of frequently asked questions has been posted to the Help and Support Site to assist schools with answering questions from families.

In addition to this document, Measured Progress will be reaching out to impacted districts to share information about the potential of students not being reported in preliminary reporting; with the intention that this information will also assist with the answering of questions.

If schools have questions about student information or about the functionality of the parent portal, the BTC or DTC should call the Measured Progress Service Desk for more information. Measured Progress will not be able to answer questions from parents.