OSTP & CCRA Test Administration Update 2/24/21

OSTP & CCRA Test Administration Update 1/28/21
January 28, 2021
Spring 2021 DocuSign Sandbox and Test Security Form Training
March 4, 2021

As you prepare for the upcoming test administration, we encourage you to visit the Oklahoma Help & Support Site in conjunction with the Oklahoma State Department website as resources for finding information on the Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP) for grades 3-8 and the College- and Career-Readiness Assessments (CCRA): Science and U.S. History Content. Please visit this site often for updates and supporting documents.

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  • DTC Assessment, Administration and Technology Training
  • OSTP TA & TP Training Module Resources

OSTP Parent Student Teacher Guides - English and Spanish Versions

  • Grade 3 English and Math
  • Grade 4 English and Math
  • Grade 5 English, Math, and Science
  • Grade 6 English and Math
  • Grade 7 English and Math
  • Grade 8 English, Math, and Science
  • CCRA: Science and U.S. History

Portal Guides - OSTP/CCRA

  • Accommodations Upload Quick Guide
  • Kiosk Installation Guide
  • Technology Guidelines
  • Kiosk User Guide
  • Portal User Guide
  • Tools & Accommodations Quick Guide
  • Testing Third Party Assistive Technology Guide
  • Oklahoma Assessment QuickStart Practice Site Guide

Tutorials - These tutorials were developed to assist you with navigating and learning the functionality of the testing platform.

  • Adding Students & Downloading School Rosters
  • Manually Assigning Accommodations
  • Certifying Site Readiness
  • Changing the Proctor Password
  • Creating Classes
  • Creating & Editing Portal User Accounts
  • Transferring Students Between School Districts
  • Uploading & Exporting Accommodations
  • Uploading & Exporting Portal User Accounts
  • Creating Multiple Classes Through File Upload
  • Deactivating & Reactivating Portal User Accounts
  • Exporting Testing Status
  • Printing Student Test Logins
  • Scheduling Test Sessions
  • Transferring Students Within a School District
  • Exporting Students Not Assigned to a Test
  • District Level Class Upload