OSTP Grade 3-5 Readiness Tool 9/15/2020

Test Administration Updates 9/23/20
September 23, 2020

The Online Readiness Tool for the OSTP assessment is now available in kiosk mode and online. The Readiness Tool contains questions for ELA (Grades 3-5), Math (Grades 3-5), and Science (Grade 5). Students should use the Readiness Tool to become familiar with the online tools* available, as well as the formatting of the various question types available on the OSTP assessment. Please remember that the intent of the Readiness Tool is not to predict a student’s performance level on the operational assessment, but to familiarize them with the online platform.

To access the Readiness Tool online, click on the following URL: https://okpracticetest.cognia.org/student/login

Log in credentials are not required for the Readiness Tool. Use the drop-down menu under “Select a Test” and select “Grades 3-5 Readiness Tool.” Then click “Go.”

Note: If log in credential are requested, in your browser’s settings, clear the cache and then relaunch the Readiness Tool.

*All available online tools except Accessibility Mode Testing are present for the Readiness Tool to allow for students that will use accommodations (e.g. text-to-speech). For the operational assessment, only students with a valid Individualized Education Plan (IEP), 504 Plan, or English Learner Academic Plan (ELAP) will receive the accommodated online tools.