OSTP Grade 3-8 and CCRA Test Administration Update 2/14/20

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OSTP Grade 3-8 and CCRA Test Administration Update 1/27/20
January 27, 2020
DTC Correspondence Desktop Mail
OSTP Grade 3-8 and CCRA Test Administration Update 3/4/2020
March 4, 2020
DTC Correspondence Desktop Mail

The Test Administrator and Test Proctor Training Modules have been posted to the Oklahoma Help and Support Site. These training modules are required for Test Administrators and Test Proctors. All Test Administrators and Test Proctors are required to provide a printed or electronic copy of their training certificate to their Building Test Coordinator.

  • The names of Test Administrators and Test Proctors used on the training documentation must match the name used for signing the TA/TP Security Forms and must be printed on the training certificate.
  • Certificates with handwritten or altered names will not be accepted.

Note: If using an iPad for TA or TP module training, please confirm your name appears on the certificate when finished with the quiz. If your name does not show on the certificate, please save or print the certificate, and contact the Office of Assessments for next steps.

DocuSign Training – The DocuSign webinar will be taking place on March 9, 2020 between 1:00 – 3:00 pm CST (2:00 – 4:00 EST).

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Additional supporting documents available on the Oklahoma Help & Support site are as follows.

OSTP Parent, Student, & Teacher Guides

  • CCRA Spanish version

Test Administration Manual

  • CCRA Test Administration Manual - Spanish scripts

Portal User Guides

  • Technology Guidelines has been updated

Portal Tutorials

  • Adding Students & Downloading School Rosters – updated functionality
  • Assigning Accommodations
  • Certifying Your Site
  • Changing the Proctor Password – updated functionality
  • Creating Classes
  • Creating & Editing Portal User Accounts;
  • Deactivating & Reactivating Portal User Accounts
  • Exporting Test Status
  • Printing Student Test Logins
  • Scheduling Test Sessions
  • Transferring Students Within a School District – NEW Feature
  • Transferring Students Between School Districts – NEW Feature
  • Uploading & Exporting Accommodations – updated functionality
  • Uploading & Exporting Portal User Accounts
  • Creating Multiple Classes Through File Upload

Math Reference Sheets

  • OSTP Grade 6-8 – English version
  • OSTP Grade 6-8 – Spanish version

Periodic Table

  • CCRA Science – English version
  • CCRA Science – Spanish version

Writers Checklist

  • Paper Based Testers (PBT)
  • Computer Based Testers (CBT)

Forms/Other Forms

  • Test Proctor Observation Log – Sites are required to keep a record
  • Official Schedule of Testing Log – Sites are required to keep a record