OSTP Grade 3-8 and CCRA Test Administration Update 3/4/2020

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OSTP Grade 3-8 and CCRA Test Administration Update 2/14/20
February 14, 2020
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OSTP Grades 3-8 and CCRA Test Administration Update 3/11/2020
March 11, 2020
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As you prepare for the upcoming test administration, we’d like to provide you with some key date and reminders.

Key Dates

  • DocuSign Training – The DocuSign webinar will be taking place on March 9, 2020, between 1:00 – 3:00 pm CST (2:00 – 4:00 EST). Register Now!
  • OSTP Grade 3-8 Test Prep Manuals, Test Administrative Manuals, and PSTGs arrive in districts on 3/9/2020.
  • CCRA Science and U.S. History paper/pencil test materials arrive in districts on 3/11/2020.
  • OSTP Grades 3-8 paper/pencil test materials arrive in districts on 3/30/2020.


  • The Test Administrator and Test Proctor Training Modules have been posted to the Oklahoma Help and Support Site. These training modules are required for Test Administrators and Test Proctors. All Test Administrators and Test Proctors are required to provide a printed or electronic copy of their training certificate to their Building Test Coordinator.
    • The names of Test Administrators and Test Proctors used on the training documentation must match the name used for signing the TA Security Form and must be printed on the training certificate. For names to be captured on the certificate you must enter your name in the pop-up box which appears after the print test results button is clicked once you’ve passed the quiz.
    • Certificates with handwritten or altered names will not be accepted.
    • If your name does not show on the certificate, please save or print the certificate,and contact the Office of Assessments for next steps.
  • Site Readiness Testing – The purpose is to ensure that all devices are properly equipped to administer student tests. It’s crucial that the Site Readiness Test is performed on every device configuration used for testing. More information regarding the Site Readiness Testing can be found in the Portal User Guide.

Additional supporting documents available on the Oklahoma Help & Support site are as follows:

OSTP Parent, Student, & Teacher Guides

  • OSTP Grade 3-8 English & Spanish versions
  • CCRA Science and U.S. History English & Spanish versions

Test Administration Manuals

  • OSTP Grade 3-5
  • OSTP Grade 6-8
  • CCRA Science & U.S. History
  • CCRA Science & U.S. History - Spanish scripts

Test Preparation Manuals

  • OSTP Grade 3-8
  • CCRA Science & U.S. History

Forms/Other Forms

  • Test Proctor Observation Log – Sites are required to keep a record.