Oklahoma Help & Support


Welcome to the Oklahoma Help & Support page. This page is designed to be used in conjunction with the Oklahoma State Department of Education’s website: http://sde.ok.gov/sde as a resource for finding additional information on the Oklahoma School Testing Program (OSTP) for grades 3-8 and College and Career Readiness: Science and U.S. History Content Assessment (CCRA: Science & U.S. History) for grade 11. We encourage you to visit this site often for updates to the OSTP 2024 and CCRA: Science & U.S. History 2024 Spring testing administrations.

Spanish Testing

Grades 3-8 Math, Grades 5 and 8 Science, CCRA: Science and U.S. History Content have Spanish tests available online. Spanish text-to-speech is also available. Students need to be scheduled for these tests.

The Cepstral Spanish Voice pack must be downloaded and installed onto all testing devices (with the exception of Chromebooks) for Spanish text-to-speech to function properly. The file request form for the Cepstral voice pack is located under the Spanish Translation page.

Note: The Cepstral Spanish Voice pack does not need to be installed on Chromebooks. Students that use an iPad or other type of tablet must be tested using a Chromebook or computer with the Cepstral Spanish voice pack installed.

OSTP Spring 2024 Key Dates

OSTP Practice Tests

Practice tests for the online OSTP assessments are available in kiosk mode and online via a web browser. Students should use these practice questions to become familiar with the online tools* available as well as the formatting of the multiple-choice, constructive response, and technology enhanced items. To access the practice test choose: OSTP Practice Test, OSTP Spanish Practice Test, CCRA Practice Test, or CCRA Spanish Practice Test from the select a test drop-down menu on landing page.

Please Note: A Student login credential are not needed for the practice test. Accommodations available in the Kiosk are Text-to-Speech, General Masking, Color Contrast and Screen Zoom. Accommodations available through the browser are Text-to-speech, General Masking and Color contrast. Accommodations not available will be greyed out.

OSTP Assessments Practice Site for DTCs and BTCs

This iTester Practice Site is intended for general orientation for new Portal users. DTCs, BTCs, and ITCs can navigate through key portal administrative tasks and menus, including viewing students and classes, scheduling test sessions, viewing test session details and printing student log-in tickets. Note: Some actions required to set-up and administer operational tests cannot be completed in the iTester Practice Site. The iTester Practice Site user interface and menus may differ slightly from the OSTP Data Portal.