Spanish Translation

OSTP Grades 3-8 & CCRA: Science and U.S. History

Spanish versions of the online operational test with Spanish text-to-speech are available in Math for grades 3-8, Science for grades 5 and 8, and CCRA: Science and U.S. History content.

Students who require a Spanish verbal translated online test form as documented in their ELAP must be scheduled for these tests. The Test Coordinator will need to assign the student the student a Spanish test with the read-aloud accommodation.

Also available:

Cepstral Spanish Voice Pack – Must be downloaded and installed onto all testing devices (with the exception of Chromebooks) for Spanish Test-to-speech to function properly.

Note: The Cepstral Spanish Voice pack does not need to be installed on Chromebooks. Students that use an iPad or other type of tablet must be tested using a Chromebook or computer with the Cepstral Spanish voice pack installed.

For further information about OSTP EL Accommodations, please refer to the OSTP EL Accommodations Manual.