CCRA: Science and US History Preliminary Reports

Grade 3 Early RSA Reports
May 16, 2024
OSTP: Science and US History Preliminary Reports
June 10, 2024

CCRA Preliminary reports have been posted to the OSTP Data Portal and will be available in the Parent Portal May 24, 2024.

  • Only roster reports are available for preliminary reporting. The user will need to select one of the roster reports from the dropdown menu for 2024 scores to populate.

OSTP Educator Data Portal:

OSTP Parent Portal:

As families review the information, they may have questions about what they are, or are not seeing regarding their student’s results and will come to schools for information. Resources have been posted to the Cognia Oklahoma Help & Support Site to assist you with viewing the Parent/Student Portal and to help you support families.

If schools have questions about student information or about the functionality of the parent portal, the BTC or DTC should call the Cognia Service Desk 1-866-629-0220 for more information. Cognia will not be able to answer questions from parents.