Grade 3 Early RSA Reports

OSTP Spring 2024 Post-Test Administration DTC Meeting
May 15, 2024
CCRA: Science and US History Preliminary Reports
May 17, 2024

The Grade 3 Early RSA reports are now available in the Educator Data Portal. Instructions on how to access these reports can be found on the Cognia Oklahoma Help & Support Site.

For Early RSA reporting purposes, a DNA status indicates no test record was received before the Early RSA deadline of April 25, 2024. The DNA status may represent a paper/pencil student, an unenrolled student, a student participating in the alternate assessment, or an online test taker who did not complete their ELA assessment prior to the Early RSA deadline. Please note that due to Standard Setting, there will be no preliminary reports for ELA and math.

For questions or assistance, contact the Cognia Oklahoma Service Desk.